Citizens Erased

Personal Log, Blue, 8/26/2281

We made contact with a new settlement less than a day’s walk from Hidden Valley and Elder McNamara sent us to offer whatever support is necessary. Odd, but policy isn’t our purview. What Elder McNamara wants, Elder McNamara gets.
So Clues and I— and Raltor and Ash— set out. Admittedly nice to look at the local scenery for a bit versus the walls. Eliminated a small nest of radscorps. Raltor messed up his sniper. I tried to show them how to harvest the glands. Guys never pay me any attention. Not for educational purposes anyway. Lamebrains. Except . . . I did accidentally shoot Raltor. So they don’t have a monopoly on dumdum. I guess.
The town doesn’t seem to be doing so bad. We glimpsed a trade caravan on the way in and they’ve already got power. Made contact with a Trudy and she gave us the lay of it. Odd— we seemed to scare her at first. Not sure what that was about. I chilled her bones while the guys did nothing. Typical.
And we aren’t the only outsiders in town. There’s a Ranger. Don’t know where they got this guy, but he has the personal skills of a radscorp and I don’t think he’s too bright. Superstupid maybe. Armed though. If he doesn’t chill Clues and I might have to take care of him, but I figured as long as he hadn’t actually done any harm, no need to take issue. When McNamara sent us, I don’t think he had starting a fight with the NCR in mind so for now I expect I’ll be save my rounds for wildlife and Powder Gangers. For now. Wouldn’t mind taking another Sequoia off his superstupid corpse though.


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